Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where does the bridge go on my violin?


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Where does the bridge go on my violin?amc theater

there are two f-holes on your violin.

where the straight shorter line is.

that is where you should put your bridge.

make sure its aligned with the other "f-hole"

the shorter side of the brigde is for the e string.

the taller side of the brigde is for the g string.

Where does the bridge go on my violin?concerts opera theater

I hope your not thinking of repairing this yourself, take it to a music shop and have it fixed by an expert, or else you could wreck it !!!!!!!!!
Under the strings of course!
line up the feet of the bridge with the little notches in the middle of the "F" shapes cut in the top of the violin. The part of the bridge that goes under the thinnest (E) string might have a bit of darker wood embedded in it. Make sure the strings are loose before your try to get the bridge in, then tighten them.

Good Luck!
If your violin is of good quality, it should have come with the bridge already in place. You should send it back and tell them to put it on. Anyways, the feet of the bridge lines up with the notches in the f-holes.
j@$eph is right. although, if your not a professional i would reccomend you take it to a luthier because its very easy to break a string, or even the bridge if you do not place it correctly. most people i talk to believe that you are supposed to glue the bridge in place. do NOT do that. you can ruin the sound your violin produces, because the bridge acts as a microphone. it also ruins the finish, and will most likely cause the tailpiece to break too.

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